workout programsDid you sign up with Susan for her latest Twitter chat? Catch up here on all the useful concerns and also solutions. And a substantial thanks to everyone that took part. Allow’s reach this!

Dylan Kern:#asksusan is it healthy and balanced to have 2 Herbalife shakes in the early morning and lean protein with veggies for dinner? I have a protein bar too

Susan: A #BalancedDiet need to include lots of colorful fruits & veggies. Attempt my dish strategy quick guide:  #AskSusan

Your finest meal strategy depends on your personal requirements + objectives #AskSusan

Tiana Davis:#AskSusan when regulating portion sizes do you gauge pasta, noodles and also rice etc. dry or when it’s cooked?

Susan: Part sizes for pasta, noodles & rice are measured after the foods are cooked. Hope this assists! #AskSusan

erneyhlf:why some individuals embeded slimming down, also they follow the mealplan #AskSusan

Susan: You might be consuming even more or working out much less than you assume. Keep a food + #exercise diary to get back on track #AskSusan

MikeReynolds01:@Herbalife exactly what’s the most effective supplements to require to assist with fat burning? #AskSusan

Susan: Supplements are developed to aid date #NutritionGoals & to support a #HealthyActiveLife #AskSusan

Tangkas Priambodo:@Herbalife is it good to consume about 5000 calories (for bulking) a day? #nutrition #AskSusan

Susan: If you’re really energetic + strength training 5K calories may be ALRIGHT. The goal is to acquire lean body mass, not fat #AskSusan

IlmestysmajaJKL: #AskSusan Just what is the fastest way to gain muscular tissue for females over 50?

Susan: Produce a program that includes #StrengthTraining + lean protein to support muscular tissue repair service + development #AskSusan

Gerardo Gutierrez ‏: #AskSusan Just what is a great way to drop weight and still manage to maintain it down.

Susan: Establish healthy routines- objective for a lifestyle remodeling. A #HealthyDiet + regular #exercise will help you lose then maintain

hi.x: @Herbalife what is the ideal point to eat prior to an exam? #AskSusan

Susan: A well balanced dish with healthy protein + healthy carbohydrates assists fuel your mind. Make certain to #StayHydrated #AskSusan

A caffeinated drink pre-exam may additionally help (only if you’re a regular caffeine enthusiast). Great good luck! #AskSusan

hi.x: @Herbalife #AskSusan which Cocktails ought to i stay clear of as well as which are fine to drink?

Susan: Fruit juice, sweet soda, lotion & difficult alcohol = high calories. Wine or light draft beer are typically reduced in calories #AskSusan

Johanna: ‏#AskSusan Hi, could u recommend me an Herbalife item for stress and anxiety, i desire to eat every time, specifically on nights. Regards from Spain

Susan: Tension consuming takes place to a lot of individuals every so often. Relying upon #ComfortFood can lead to #WeightGain #AskSusan

I created a post on this formerly. You might find it handy @osabella75,  Pertains to from LA #AskSusan

Christopher Owens: @Herbalife Whats the difference between Formula 1 and Solution 1 Sport?! #AskSusan

Susan: A crucial distinction: healthy protein in #Herbalife Formula 1 Sporting activity is milk healthy protein, the typical #HerbalifeFormula1 is soy protein

Rhona m bower-smith: @Herbalife are pieces of pork ok to have as a healthy treat? #AskSusan

Susan: Most pork is a lean healthy protein resource however could be salty. Seek low-sodium ranges. Thanks for asking! #AskSusan

Tammy Chao: @Herbalife exactly what do you recommend on focusing on purely swallow location? Seeing fantastic outcomes however need more guidance #ASKSUSAN

Susan: Sorry Tammy, spot reduction is a misconception, but stomach fat is normally simpler to shed compared to lower body fat #AskSusan

Here is a particular post I created a while earlier:  And also you might discover these useful also:

Dawson: @Herbalife With Fourth of July coming up, what’s your go to for summer exterior events? #AskSusan

Susan: I want to cook my whole dish on the grill! Healthy protein, veggies, and smoked fruit for dessert. Easy clean-up too! #AskSusan

July 4 suggestion: Shish kebabs w/ chicken/shrimp+peppers+onions+tomatoes. Season in ordinary yogurt, lemon, garlic, cumin @KDawson1400 #AskSusan

Frank Hughes: I discovered the diet regimen excellent to start with however I’ve hit a brick wall surface, do I need a break from the stuff? #AskSusan

Susan: Good question, this is a common concern. Here are 5 ideas to assist surpass your plateau  #AskSusan

Alberto MG: ‏@Herbalife shall I make use of olive oil only cold or I can use it for frying? #AskSusan

Susan: You can use olive oil in #cooking, merely make certain to prevent allowing it obtain so hot that it smokes. Does this help? #AskSusan

Marla Cooper Wagner: @Herbalife Thanks for your blog site discovergoodnutrition! Lots of useful guidance I make use of regularly #AskSusan

Susan: Wow, thank you! Send me your ideas for future blog site articles, I would certainly love to listen to from you once again! #AskSusan

MarianaGutierrez: @Herbalife #AskSusan just what is better, exercising right after you consume or working out without eating?

Susan: Ideally your body need to be sustained up before exercise. A lot more details on just what, why + when to eat:  #AskSusan

Gk: @Herbalife #AskSusan is fud by microwave truly bad to health and wellness.?

Susan: Cooking vegetables in a microwave can preserve nutrients & is a fast + practical means to work even more veggies into your #diet.

Gk: @Herbalife #AskSusan hw can I enhance my endurance? Recommend some diet regimen. Feeling tired after workout n nt able to do any work

Susan: Refuel after exercise to maintain your power levels up. This write-up may assist:

Señor Pedro: @Herbalife hey there Susan. I have actually recently reduced weight today I prepare to gain some muscular tissue mass. What type of diet regimen strategy should I comply with? #AskSusan

Susan: Can you obtain your body composition checked? It will give a price quote of your day-to-day healthy protein needs to assist you create muscle.

More information on comprehending your daily healthy protein requires: . And also CONGRATS on your fat burning! #AskSusan

Suz.e.b: ‏@Herbalife Exactly what is your feelings on juicing to obtain those vegetables and also fruits into todays diet plan. #AskSusan

Susan: Juicing can remove valuable #fiber. #IMO eating whole fruit + veg is the way to go #AskSusan Try this: 

Shilpa: Is eating right before bedtime truly bad for #WeightLoss? Or is this a myth? #AskSusan

Susan: Hello there Shilpa, As long as you don’t exceed your day-to-day calorie requirements, you must be all right. Read a lot more below:

Otalia69: @Herbalife just what is your ideal protein treat? searching for a range between my #Herbalife smoothie mixes, thanks! #healthy #AskSusan

Susan: I have the excellent summer treat solution for you. Here you are Otalia69!

exercise routineHerbalife Summer Berry Frozen Ice Pops

2 scoops (25g) Herbalife Formula 1 Wildberry or Strawberry flavor
1/3 cup (150g) vanilla nonfat Greek-style yogurt
1/2 cup (120 ml) lowfat milk or soy milk
1/2 cup (75g) frozen blended berries

Place all ingredients in mixer and also mix until smooth. Pour right into four 1/3 cup (80ml) popsicle mold and mildews and freeze for numerous hrs until firm

Per Ice Pop: 75 calories|7g protein

mRmR: is it fine to drink the tea and also nescafe with each other? Everytime i do this i feel like a heart attak is happening inside my heart why? #AskSusan

Susan: It’s possible you’re getting excessive caffeine at when by incorporating products. Keep an eye on your caffeine intake #AskSusan

mRmR: @Herbalife #AskSusan thank you:)

Sophie Brown: @Herbalife #AskSusan just how can I increase my protein consumption without massively increasing my fat intake as well?

Susan: There are a lot of low fat sources of healthy protein: poultry bust, fish, egg whites + #Herbalife products with #protein #AskSusan

Cor de Be’loon: How much healthy proteins do we need throughout the shed wight program? Cory -indonesia @Herbalife #AskSusan

Susan: Suggested protein intake is based upon your body make-up + calorie requirements. See my meal plans:  #AskSusan

Modiri Seate: Hi Susan, please ask Herbalife if they will allow you go to Extravaganzas as a visitor speaker. It would certainly be terrific #AskSusan

Susan: Thank you! Exactly what a pleasant comment.

@mattysri06: @Herbalife Do any #Herbalife staff/employees have clinical certifications in weight reduction?’/ it’s even more concerning nutrition knowledge!

Susan: Yes, #Herbalife has medical doctors who are board certified in #nutrition. More details:

My credentials consist of MS, RD, CSSD, FAND @Otalia69 @mattysri06. For my bio, check this link:  #AskSusan


Susan: Thanks EVERYBODY for joining me for today’s Twitter conversation! You asked some great questions, and also I really hope the answers were helpful. #AskSusan