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Despite what you may have listened to or checked out, bread is not the adversary. It’s the means it is being produced-from the farming to the commercial cooking stages-that could trigger illness, such as gluten level of sensitivities. ‘We should urge the ideal sort of grain farming that produces grains that are full of fiber and rich nutrition,’ says world-renowned chef and sustainability advocate Dan Barber, creator of Blue Hill dining establishments and the Rock Barns Center for Food and also Farming, a not-for-profit, four-season ranch as well as education and learning facility, located 25 miles north of New York City. ‘Exactly what we’re getting in the grocery store is made shelf-stable by eliminating the germ. That is where all the nourishment as well as flavor are,’ he describes. In this video clip meeting with owner, Sonia Jones, Barber chats regarding why he just recently launched his own bakery, as well as shares his hope for the future of making fresh baked breads as accessible as whole coffee beans.