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In this video, Sonia Jones, Sonima’s founder, talks with Jack Algiere, the farm supervisor at Stone Barns Facility for Food and Agriculture, regarding an old corn he is preserving on the farm at Stone Barns in Tarrytown, New york city. The eight-row flint corn has a deep orange-yellow radiance, reflective of its superior nutritional account. Centuries ago, this distinct kind of corn was prized for its flavor and nutrition, yet as need for corn exports increased, farmers relocated towards planting other ranges that are higher in yield however inferior in nutrition material, leaving this special selection practically out-of-date. Surprisingly, this breed of corn, which abounded in the Northeast in the 1600s, is most likely the very same or very similar to what was eaten at the very first Thanksgiving. See the video clip over to get more information about this ancient varietal as well as the work being done at the Stone Barns Center.