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Here’s a fast and very easy dish. This combination of juicy steak slices served over a bed of greens, avocado and beans will certainly make the perfect meal for those lazy days. Carried out in couple of mins and complete of taste, this southwest sirloin steak salad has 40 grams of protein and 600 calories. Sufficient to earn you go OLÉ!

25 g / 400

Protein (approx.)/ calories (approx.)

40 g / 600

Protein (approx.)/ calories (approx.)

½ cup Cooked corn kernels (only in the 40-gram side)
½ TBSP ½ TBSP Olive oil
½ cup 1 cup Sliced green or red bell pepper
½ cup 1 cup Sliced onion
4 cups 6 cups Mixed greens
½ cup 1 cup Canned black beans, drained
¼ ½ Small avocado, diced
3 oz. 5 oz. Grilled leading sirloin steak, very finely sliced
Any amount Any amount Pre-prepared tomato salsa to taste

In a tiny fry pan, heat olive oil over medium-high warm. When oil is warm, add onions and peppers and sauté 4-5 mins till soft as well as simply beginning to brownish. Get rid of from warm as well as set aside. In a large dish, combine mixed greens, black beans, corn (if included), avocado and salsa and toss well. Leading with steak and also sautéed vegetables.