muscle growthA physical fitness journal will help you enhance your physical fitness degree however you might be asking yourself how you can start. Have a look at a week-long passage from an actual health and fitness journal as well as I’ll reveal exactly what the journal informs us when we evaluate the data!

Did you read my blog post on how you can obtain in shape as well as stay fit using a health and fitness journal? Are you still a little uncertain of exactly what you should do as well as if you have the moment? If you responded to of course, after that have a look at this sample week from Hannah to assist motivate you to begin your journal today! I’ve included my six-week examination to provide you a suggestion of exactly how simple it could be to play detective as well as improve your health and fitness journey.

Here’s week 3 of Hannah’s initial six-week physical fitness journal so you could see just what she is making a note of each day. Hannah’s been completing her journal on her laptop every evening and she spends regarding two minutes on it each day.

Meet: Hannah

Age: 37

Fitness level: Novice to intermediate

Loves: Being active however has been doing not have power and also motivation

Hates: Obtaining bored of repeated health and fitness routines

  –  Monday 12/02

Feelings: Great day, satisfied however tired, on phone with sister 2 hours tonight.

Activity: 30min jog prior to job. Ran for a minimum of half time/ walked the rest. Could possibly have done better.

Body: Fine.

Nutrition: 8/10

  –  Tuesday 12/03

Feelings: Great day – really satisfied however weary this morning.

Activity: 60min cycling course. 20min fitness center w/ weights.

Body: Feeling fantastic no complaints.

Nutrition: Great day 8/10 however avoided lunch for a meeting.

  –  Wednesday 12/04

Feelings: A little stressed – hubby from town for work.

Activity: None.

Body: Calves are tight yet not also bad.

Nutrition: Bad day 5/10

  –  Thursday 02/05

Feelings: Stressed as well as a little moody. Hubby still gone. Sis called for long phone chat.

Activity: None

Body: Everything hurts

Nutrition: 5/10 Consumed healthy foods however did not consume enough today – I was also busy!

  –  Friday 12/06

Feelings: Good

Activity: 30min run (really only competed 5 min the remainder was a vigorous walk)

Body: A little limited in my legs yet better compared to yesterday

Nutrition: 10/10 best consuming day Stayed on strategy 100%

  –  Saturday and Sunday

No entry.


My fitness journal assessment for Hannah

The fundamental physical fitness journal information over the six week duration varied somewhat yet a couple of regular patterns were quickly evident as well as I felt they were affecting Hannah’s ability to stick with her nourishment and physical fitness strategy. After reviewing the journal as well as having a chat, I created a couple of suggestions.

Fitness journal evaluation 1 – every day counts

Hannah has to keep her journal each day. Neglecting the weekend suggests she isn’t believing about all the activity she’s adding by walking the stores and also biking with her daughter. My initial piece of advice was for Hannah to acknowledge that she is energetic daily also if she does not visit the gym.

As we spoke, Hannah revealed she was logging her journal on her computer system during the week as well as she avoids opening her laptop computer on weekends. I recommended keeping notes in a publication or on her wise phone. Particularly for Hannah, I recommended that if she makes use of a notebook, she ought to maintain it by her phone due to the fact that she typically chats to loved ones every night.

Fitness journal assessment 2 – request for help

Hannah’s spouse often takes a trip for work as well as, when he is out of town, she feels stressed and her task levels plummet. To fix this, I recommended that for each and every journey her other half takes, she attempts to organize for a relative or sitter to enjoy her little girl a minimum of when so that she can work off some tension in the gym.

Alternatively, she could establish a task night with her child. Although it seems like tough job– she can merely choose a fun dance-based workout video clip on YouTube or walk around the block. Long as Hannah actions and laughs – she needs to look on the night as a success. This method may help alleviate the tension triggered by her other half being away and also add some added task right into Hannah’s week.

Fitness journal assessment 3 – make enough time for sleep

Late nights on the phone or computer with buddies leave Hannah feeling tired the following day and also avoiding workouts. My recommendation is to attempt and establish an earlier cut-off time due to the fact that sleep is important once and for all performance and also power. Planning a weekly hike with her sis may be a fantastic means to catch up and exercise at the same time.

Fitness journal evaluation 4 – select the best workout for you

On Wednesday’s Hannah’s calves feel tight so I recommended locating a new exercise course that is more fitness-level proper. Although I hate to inhibit people from exercising for Hannah it appears like her Spin class is also intense as well as she should fall a level prior to building back up to that class.

By selecting a lower-level class Hannah will not really feel also sore to work out for the remainder of the week as well as, if she adds exercise on Wednesday and Thursday, she’ll ultimately really feel more fit.

Fitness journal evaluation 5 – skipping meals isn’t really a great option

Hannah’s efficient satisfying her nourishment objectives the majority of the time and her primary issue is skipping meals. If she prioritized dishes or had healthy and balanced snacks accessible then she would certainly be far better able to stay in control of her diet regimen and also stay clear of missing dishes– something that could bring about energy downturns as well as over-eating later in the day.

When we talked, I additionally learnt Hannah’s hydration on non-workout days was under the suggested healthy and balanced amount. Her description is that on time workout days she makes an additional effort to stay hydrated. Since we’ve spoken about hydration, this is at the front of Hannah’s mind and also she’s committed to drinking a lot more but she’ll need to advise herself again as well as her journal will be an excellent way to track this. 


I hope you enjoyed taking a top at Hannah’s fitness journal as well as could relate to a few of the real world battles related to her weight management and fitness quest. I recognize that life is busy and also some days you may forget to enter your journal data however the most essential point is to be 100% straightforward with on your own and also those aiding you progress. Incomplete data is very easy to work around but producing a perfect– yet incorrect – account makes it difficult to discover ways to improve.

I hope you feel excited enough to provide fitness journaling a try. I cannot wait to read about all the explorations you make while playing personal physical fitness detective. If you do not already have a journal, try keeping one for 6 weeks. And also whether you have physical fitness journals going back for years or weeks please let me know just what has aided you as well as hindered you– we can all find out from each others experiences! Bear in mind that health and wellness and also activity ought to become part of your day-to-day quest. Delight in the ups and also downs, look out for the bumps in the road, gain from your mistakes and celebrate your successes along the way.